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Relentless Pursuit by D.M. Mortier (British Billionaires #2)
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Overview: How do I breathe when she’s not by my side?
At first sight, she captivates me. No other woman has ever been able to achieve that. Her name is Angel. A brown-skinned Caribbean queen, she is beautiful, defiant, and unique. She owns the catwalk. As a reluctant supermodel, she is private and illusive. No one knows anything about her; where is she from, who is she? The media are frantically trying to discover her true identity. She wants nothing to do with me, but I am nothing if not persistent. I must have her.
The son of a Russian mobster, I was content to live in the shadows of her life, especially when she is threatened with imminent harm by my family. I will always protect what’s mine.
How do I get through one night without you?
I saw him watching me. His smoldering emerald gaze follows me everywhere and evokes a desire I am ill prepared for. I tried to resist him. I was a busy girl, modeling, hiding my identity from the world, and, oh yeah, going to medical school. I don’t need this kind of distraction, and I certainly don’t have time in my life for a man. However, I don’t seem to have a choice, Richard was beyond my capabilities to resist. How could I, a mere mortal, resist masculine perfection? I didn’t want to make him a target for my sick fans, but did he have to replace me within hours of my leaving him? I was devastated.
No way would I let him near me again, especially when others could be hurt by his lack of commitment. My heart wants what it wants. I need divine intervention!
Genre: Romance IR


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