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Rekindle The Spark: In Your Marriage Or Relationship by Samantha Keller
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Overview: What’s the key to a successful relationship? Or do you have a past that refuses to go away and often casts its shadow very long into the present and the future. Many of us have had break ups in the past and now desire to go forward. Something destroys every new relationship or sometimes it’s just the simple things, that we easily forget or think are unimportant that hold the key to a healthy and happy relationship. It does not matter whether you are dating, newlyweds, or a couple that has been married for years. Conflicts will inevitably occur in relationships, and healthy conflicts are a sign of a healthy relationship.
In this book, we are going to talk on some of the issues that you might face.

-Common mistakes in a relationship
-Are you in a toxic relationship
-How to fall in love again and get the spark back in your relationship
-And much much more!

Things don’t have to turn out the way they do at times. Delve into the problem and face it before anything can be solved.
Genre: Non Fiction Self-Help > Relationships


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