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Reborn Inception by Alex Kozlowski (Traclaon Armageddon #1)
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 1.2 GB
Overview: Eric Peters has been reborn. Sent back in time to change humanity’s fate.

After experiencing a future where all of humanity’s planets and colonies had been purged, Eric refused to fall. And so, the Entity chose him to be humanity’s last hope—to be Reborn….

The Reborn are galactic boogiemen. Myths and legends used to terrify children and curb the aggression of advanced alien civilizations. They are usually granted boons and abilities able to grow powerful enough to destroy star systems, making them the number one target of every alien race out there.

But in Eric’s case, the Entity had screwed humans. Instead of being given powers that could make him like a god, they are barely classed as special.

With only his memories and a couple of minor boons, Eric needs to survive evil elements within humanity, the circling alien races that would do anything to eliminate him, and change history sufficiently so that when the Traclaon Empire declares war, his species can fight back.

In his first life, Eric was inconsequential. In this life, he will be anything but….
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