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Ravens Revisited Series 1-7 by Rhiannon Neeley
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Overview: Rhiannon Neeley writes erotic romance in the contemporary, paranormal and suspense genres. Being a fan of anything paranormal, she loves vampires, ghost stories and things that can’t quite be explained. Some of her favorite TV shows are Ghost Hunters, Monster Quest and anything that makes her question what is really out there.

Over 200 years ago, a Raven daughter was taken by a monster that walked the night. She was taken and turned…then destroyed by the family who loved her. After that day, The Unkindness of Ravens was formed and the battle began…

Now, in the 21st Century, the war still wages. The Unkindness continues on, known now as The Raven Clan. They fight hard and love even harder. And yet… The monsters still haunt the night. Forced to break into small groups called ‘Clutches’ to survive, the Horde of Vampires still exists.

For now…

Ravens Revisited 01 – John the Deliverer
"JOHN” tells the tale of John Raven, long-time vampire hunter, who is sent by the lead vampire, Devlin Morse to find out more about author Madison Woods. Madison has written a book, a paranormal romance, which so closely follows the vampire lifestyle, Devlin is worried she may be a Hunter. John, along with his brother Eric, has infiltrated Devlin’s Clutch of vampires, posing as vampires. The Raven Clan have been vampire hunters for generations, destroying as many as they can by posing as vampires until they can get close enough to strike. John travels to the small town where Madison lives to find out what she knows. Devlin has kept Eric with the Clutch of vampires to insure John’s return. But what John doesn’t realize is he is the epitome of Madison’s perfect vampire, one that she has written into the novel, the one she has been in love with since she created him. Sparks fly as John finds himself drawn to the small cinnamon haired woman while she tries to convince herself she’s not crazy and vampires are not chasing her. Madison tries to help John in his quest to destroy the Clutch, but what she doesn’t realize is just how powerful Devlin Morse is.

Ravens Revisited 02 – Eric the Guardian
When Lydia Cross set out into the Maine wilderness on a research project, she never expected to come across an undiscovered species…and the sexiest man she had ever seen. When Eric Raven appears out of the forest, his animal magnetism sends vibrations throughout Lydia’s body, inciting feelings of love and lust like she has never known. But …what is he, for surely he is not ‘just a man’? Lydia soon finds that Eric is much more than he seems. Another creature prowling the deep Maine woods is Antony Barack, a sensuous being like no other, but very dangerous. And Anthony wants Lydia for his own. Eric must protect Lydia from Barack, a powerful shifter who will fight to the death for what he desires. But Eric will not relinquish the woman of his dreams, his Lydia, to the monster … and the battle rages on.

Ravens Revisited 03 – Dirk the Saviour
A genealogist, Casey Delaney is used to finding some strange things while tromping through graveyards but one thing she never expected to dig up was a vampire. That was two weeks ago. Now she’s being held captive by the ancient monster, Connor Fagan. Casey prays that a someone will rescue her from the dark recesses of this abandoned Kentucky coal mine before she gives in to the temptation of Fagan’s wicked desires. Casey is in danger of sacrificing her virginity, along with her immortal soul. Dirk Raven, vampire hunter, arrives in Kentucky sure of one thing. A young woman is missing and her disappearance reeks of vampire involvement. Tracking the stench of evil to an abandoned coal mine, Dirk found two things that he didn’t expect. The instant raging heat and deep connection that overwhelms him when he first lays eyes on the beautiful Casey Delaney. And…the presence of the infamous Connor Fagan, the vicious vampire who killed Dirk’s own father. Determined to save Casey from a fate worse than death, Dirk engages Fagan in battle of wills, a battle for Casey’s heart … a battle to the death. Dirk vows to save the woman who has the power to own his heart but will he be able to save his own soul?

Ravens Revisited 04 – Drake the Defender
Sheriff Grace Shanley’s life couldn’t possibly get more complicated. Could it? She was up for re-election in a few months, had reports of a wolf stalking the local livestock, a couple of dead bodies up on the mountainside who had died of strange circumstances and to beat it all, she was having the steamiest erotic dreams about a stranger that she had met a few days ago. How was she supposed to know that when the stranger—Drake Raven—reappeared a few days later, she would be arrested him as Suspect #1 for the murders on the mountain? Just the simple act of placing the dangerously attractive Drake in handcuffs ignited a flame in her that no amount of water could douse. Grace has to struggle to maintain the Sheriff/Suspect relationship when she handcuffs him but every time she gets near Drake Raven she can barely breathe for the yearning to feel his hands on her heated skin. Drake Raven only returned to Deer Run, KY to see if he could get to know the lovely Grace that he had met while he was there before, doing his job. His job of killing vampires. He never dreamed that the next time he saw Grace, he would be staring down the barrel of her gun. Arrested for murder, Drake has his work cut out for him. He has to convince her that he hasn’t killed anyone—and when he notices the bite marks on her neck—he also has to convince her that vampires are real and one of them had his eye on her for his next victim. Drake defends Grace in more ways than one while he loses his heart to the most powerful woman he’s ever met.

Ravens Revisited 05 – Holt the Interceptor
Ivy Green is on a mission: to find her runaway sister Heather who has decided to sample life as a Sanguinarian. Problem is, Heather hopped a boat named Bloody Hell and is sailing around Lake Michigan. Ivy is used to finding people. That’s what she does. She’s a private investigator. But finding a boat is quite another thing. Just as she scents Heather’s trail, one more problem arises. And boy is he something else. Holt Raven, a dark dream that oozes testosterone, intercepts her at every turn. How is she going to get past him, the most sensual creature that she’s ever met, and find Heather? Holt Raven is stunned when he crashes into Ivy Green. The dark haired vixen aggravates him at every turn as he and two other members of the Raven Clan are on a mission to destroy a Clutch of vampires who have taken refuge on a yacht called Bloody Hell. Ivy sidetracks him as she worms her way into his heart. Holt, always a loner, has found a kindred spirit in her. Will he be able to complete his mission while losing his heart? Ivy is the woman that he has always dreamed of but will Holt be able to claim her when the mission is over? Or will they all fall victim to the darkness residing on the waters of Lake Michigan, and the evil lure of the occupants of Bloody Hell?

Ravens Revisited 06 – Rogue the Redeemer
Rogue Raven Shanley was learning. He had trained with the best of the best when it came to vampire hunters—The Unkindness of Ravens. Rogue had joined the Raven Clan after his own grandfather had been killed by a vampire and one of the Ravens—Drake—had saved his Aunt Grace from the same fate. Rogue had only been on one mission to destroy a Clutch of vampires. This would be his second. He thought he was prepared for the battle … until he met his prey. Kaitlyn Gale, a beautiful, fiery-haired fledgling vampire, was going crazy. One night of passion while on vacation in New York City had changed her life forever. Now she was trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with her. Why she avoided daylight. Why she craved blood, of all things. It had to be a virus. Had to be. Back home now in Indiana and working at her job in the hospital lab, she can run tests on her own blood while she stealthily steals bags of blood from the blood storage to tame her appetite. But her life takes another wild turn when she literally runs into Rogue Shanley. Kaitlyn is drawn to him, not realizing the dangerousness of the situation until Rogue tells her exactly who and what he is—a vampire hunter sent to kill her. Rogue breaks the number one rule when it comes to vampire hunting: Do Not Fall In Love with Your Target.

Ravens Revisited 07 – Colin the Conqueror
Heather Green teetered on the edge of Hell when Colin Moore appeared out of nowhere and snatched her back, encircling her in his strong arms—saving her from a fate worse than death. After her ordeal, Colin had been there, easing Heather back toward the light. Now she was strong again. And it was time to show him just how she felt—about him. Colin Moore’s life had changed. Not only had he become one of the Raven Clan—a group of vampire hunters—but he had finally experienced something that had taken control of his world…love. The moment he had laid eyes on Heather Green, it was as if his soul had become complete. It had been excruciating, waiting for Heather to heal from her experience of being taken by vampires but she was worth the wait. Now it was time to unleash his feelings for her. But—there is a darkness on its way to Ravencrest, the home of the Unkindness and it will arrive in a flurry of raven black wings. Ramsey, once a prisoner of the Raven Clan, had escaped but he was on his way back. And this time, he’s bringing reinforcements with him to exact his revenge. Will Colin be able to conquer the evil that invades Ravencrest or will Heather fall prey to the most powerful vampire of them all—Nicolas Reicher? Will Ravencrest finally crumble? Or will the power of love save them all?

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