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Pursuit: Blood Bandits MC by Cora Black
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 337 KB
Overview: "Go to hell."
"I’m already there, babe."
Two years after his fiancée was shot and killed by crossfire during a skirmish involving his MC, Dominick Fiarelli has sworn off love. Women are just a means to an end – nothing more, nothing less. He planned on keeping it that way forever.
But then Kara showed up.
"He’s trying to take everything from me."
"Over my dead body."
Kara Vance just wants to raise her daughter in peace. But then her abusive ex-husband shows up at the diner where she works, spewing threats and laying his hands on her. It’s a flashback to the life she’s been trying desperately to flee. Just when she thinks the scumbag is going to beat her senseless, a man she’s never seen before swoops in to the rescue.
That’s when everything changed.
It started with a bang.
Dom hears a violent commotion from the back of the diner and goes to investigate. When he sees a slimy bastard in an expensive suit about to hit a defenseless waitress, he stops him in his tracks. The man utters a threat before leaving, but Dom couldn’t care less. He’s locked in on the girl. The fire between them builds and he knows they’re venturing into dangerous territory.
Kara feels it, too, but her life is fraught with danger. The last thing she needs is this dark, mysterious man adding more drama to the mess. She tries to push him away, but he sees right through her. Before she knows it, they’re kissing, holding, biting… and that’s just the beginning.
But her ex isn’t done with just yet. If Kara isn’t careful, the life she’s built may be gone in a flash.
Genre: Romance


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