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Proxima Logfiles Series by Brandon Q. Morris (4-5)
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Overview: Brandon Q. Morris is a physicist and space specialist. He has long been concerned with space issues, both professionally and privately and while he wanted to become an astronaut, he had to stay on Earth for a variety of reasons.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


4. Runaway – Two humans and a robot roam the universe in search of castaways. The Majestic Draght, a spaceship built by aliens and controlled by an AI, transports them from system to system at one-fifth the speed of light. But then the ship suddenly – and seemingly unstoppably – accelerates. Has the AI lost control of the propulsion system? Or is the AI pursuing its own plans?
The Draght’s new course targets a planet that would not have been the destination of the human-alien crew for a long time: Earth.

5. Evolution – The Majestic Draght reaches a planet orbiting a star that could be a younger sibling of Earth’s sun. The Grosnops are looking for a second home, while the small human crew plans an experiment: How quickly does terrestrial life adapt to this alien environment? The experiment seems to fail – but then a crew member is kidnapped by strangers, and the intriguing exploration turns into a dramatic rescue mission.

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4. Runaway

5. Evolution

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