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Price Action Market Traps: 7 Trap Strategies Market Psychology Minimal Risk & Maximum Profit by Ray Wang
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Overview: Introducing TRAP Concept

Don’t get trapped! Market is a dangerous place for novice traders.

I have described the fundamental concepts of Price Action in the Part I, the basic knowledge which any trader needs. In Part II, I have illustrate seven TRAP setups you can find on any chart, along with examples and studies for you to better understand the TRAP concept. The only consistent setup you will find on every day, every market and every time frame.
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• Common Trap
• The “Stop-Loss” Trap
• “The Giant” Trap
• “Failed Breakout” Trap
• “Back to Back” Trap (Double-Trap)
• News Trap
• Morning Specials

Trap setups come with minimal risk and maximum potential reward. It’s very simple to understand and exploit. This EBook is written in simplest English, that everybody can understand the complexity of market within 1 week.

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