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Myron’s Merry Miserable Christmas by Red McNabb
Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 419 Kb
Overview: He’s one of them: nasty, selfish little creatures who appreciate nothing they receive for Christmas. And Myron was the worst. His whining and complaining could drain the Christmas spirit from Santa himself. As rotten as ten year old fruitcake, what could turn Myron from a spoiled brat to a loving human being? Why Christmas magic, of course!
But this is no flash, zap, sparkle and glitter and all of a sudden you’re good kind of magic. That’s too easy. (Besides, what kind of lousy story would that be?) No, no. In fact, you may think this magic is rather cruel at first. But read on, and you will discover-as did Myron-that whatever your circumstances, true magic and true happiness comes from inside.
And the magic that changes Myron, will make your own Christmas all the merrier. Just see if it doesn’t.
Genre: Children’s book Holiday


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