Download My Device Settings v4.9.0 [Mod]

My Device Settings v4.9.0 [Mod]
Requirements: 7.0+
Overview: My device settings is an app that makes your life easier by giving you a straightforward way to know your device settings.


– Introducing the My Device Settings app, your ultimate tool for getting detailed information about your mobile device! With just a few taps, you can access all the important specifications of your device and gain insights into its performance.

– One of the key features of the My Device Settings app is the ability to identify your device model. This is particularly useful when you’re looking to download apps or software that are specific to your device. With our app, you can quickly find out the make and model of your phone or tablet, as well as other important information like the operating system version and build number.

– But that’s just the beginning! The My Device Settings app also gives you access to a wealth of information about your device display, including its resolution, DPI, and refresh rate. This information can be useful for optimizing your device’s performance or troubleshooting display issues.

– Another important aspect of your device that our app can help you with is storage. With just a few taps, you can see how much storage you have available, as well as how much is being used by different types of content like apps, photos, and videos. This can help you identify what’s taking up the most space on your device and make informed decisions about what to delete or move to external storage.

– If you’re having trouble with your device’s Wi-Fi or network connection, the My Device Settings app can also help you troubleshoot these issues. You can view information about your current connection, including signal strength, network type, and IP address. You can also view a list of available Wi-Fi networks and connect to them directly from the app.

– For those who are interested in the technical details of their device, the My Device Settings app provides information about RAM and CPU usage. You can view real-time data on how much RAM is being used by different apps, as well as the current CPU usage.

– Overall, the My Device Settings app is an essential tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their mobile device. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, you’ll have all the information you need to optimize your device’s performance and troubleshoot any issues that arise. So why wait? Download the My Device Settings app today and take control of your device!

– By using My Device Settings, you will get easy access to the following device information-
– Device Model
– Data Usage
– WiFi
– Hot Spot
– Screen size
– Version
– Battery Percentage
– Bluetooth

– By using the Device Settings app, you will get straightforward access to navigate your device settings-
– WiFi
– Brightness
– Flashlight
– Bluetooth
– Data Usage
– Hotspot
– Sound
– Location
– Accessibility
– Cast

– By using the Device Settings app, You will enjoy features such as Battery Percentage-
– Display the battery charge level of your device
– Monitor the battery charging status

– The flashlight application has all the features that you need-
– Turn on/off the flashlight function simply and easily
– Customize the interval level to your needs, with 10 different levels.
– Set your screen color
– Change the screen brightness adjustment

– You will enjoy features such as Digital Compass-
– Show True North
– Show level
– Show Magnetic Field Power
– Show Device Slope Angle
– Level Error Correction
– Multiple language support

– By using Device Settings app, You will enjoy features such as Metal Detector & Gold Finder-
– Detect the metals around you
– Digital format display
– Vibration alarm when finding metals
– History page- contains all your search history

What’s new:
– new tab added with Sensors
– battery tab has much more info now
– new tab was added with sim information
– More new features – Show much more information on your device.
– Performance improved.
– New features added.
– Bug fixes.

Package Info:
● Supported Languages: af, am, ar, as, az, be, bg, bn, bs, ca, cs, da, de, de-DE, el, en, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-IN, en-XC, es, es-US, et, eu, fa, fi, fr, fr-CA, gl, gu, hi, hr, hu, hy, id, in, is, it, iw, ja, ja-JP, ka, kk, km, kn, ko, ky, lo, lt, lv, mk, ml, mn, mr, ms, my, nb, ne, nl, or, pa, pl, pt, pt-BR, pt-PT, ro, ru, si, sk, sl, sq, sr, sr-Latn, sv, sw, ta, te, th, tl, tr, tw, uk, ur, uz, vi, zh, zh-CN, zh-HK, zh-MO, zh-TW, zu;
● Supported CPU architecture: Armeabi, Armeabi-v7a, Arm64-v8a, X86, X86_64;
● Supported Screen DPI: Ldpi, Mdpi, Tvdpi, Hdpi, Xhdpi, Xxhdpi, Xxxhdpi.

Graphic Optimizing Info:
● Optimized Png’s: 100% | Saved: 208 kB (17%);
● Optimized Jpg’s: 100% | Saved: 1 Kb (0%);
● Storing Resources.arsc Uncompressed;
● Recompressing classes.dex;
● Recompressing Libraries;
● Zipaligning Apk.

Mod Info:
● Premium Feature Unlock.
● Rating Dialog Removed / Disabled.
● Ads Removed / Disabled.
● Ads Related Activity & Code Removed / Disabled.
● Ads Related Layouts Visibility Gone.
● Analytics / Crashlytics Removed / Disabled.
● Receivers, Services And Provider Removed / Disabled.
● Google Play Services Check Removed / Disabled.
● Google Play Store Install Package Removed / Disabled.
● In-App Billing Service Removed / Disabled.
● Play Services, Transport, Firebase Properties Removed.
● All Unnecessary Garbage Folder & File Removed.
● Duplicate Dpi Item Remove Like:
– Bar Length, Drawable Size, Gap Between Bars.
● Splits0 File Removed (Resources & AndroidManifest).
● Splits0 Releated Unnecessary Meta-Data Remove Like:
– Stamp Source, Stamp Type Standalone Apk, Android Vending Splits, Android Vending Derived Apk.
● Removed Debug Information (Source, Line, Param, Prologue, Local).
● Mod Apk Size 13.6 Mb.

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