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Mind Triggers: Hidden Hot Buttons of Easy Influence by George Hutton
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Overview: Humans are shockingly easy to manipulate. You are about to learn why, and how. We are motivated by ancient triggers that reside deep below conscious awareness. Social proof, authority, scarcity and others have been used by marketers, religious and cult leaders, unscrupulous sales people and politicians since the dawn of time. Up until now, they have been shrouded in mystery or unusable academic jargon. Now, for the first time, this guide gives you the hands on knowledge and simple techniques to not only practice them in your daily life, making you more persuasive than ever, but also make you forever impervious to their power. Whether your intention is in sales, marketing, seduction, relationship enhancement or simply gaining incredible power over your friends, an understanding of these triggers will make it much, much easier to get what you want, and avoid giving what you don’t want. All without the knowledge of your targets. As these triggers can easily be misused, please do not get this unless you are of high moral character, and do not intend to deceive others.
Genre: Non Fiction Psychology > Hypnosis


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