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MILFs Love Santa: The Complete Story by Morgan Troy
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Overview: The FULL, COMPLETE, AND UPDATED STORY of a shy young man and the two sexy older women who introduce him to a mind-blowing version of Christmas cheer. This is the complete collection of the "MILFs Love Santa" series, written with Morgan Troy’s signature wit, elegance, and sensual eroticism.
When his panicked mother asks him to be a replacement Santa for her church group, Tim agrees for one reason—the chance to see his mom’s friend Eva, the sexy, sultry MILF he’s feverishly fantasized about since high school.
As he makes merry with starry-eyed children, Eva interrupts his duties to whisper a request—“Stick around after the party. Wear the red suit.” Tim isn’t sure if she knows it’s him under the whiskers, but he’s more than happy to play along. And when everyone leaves and Eva takes her turn to sit in “Santa’s” lap, Tim can’t believe his good fortune.
But then she slips out of her clothes, revealing her luscious body to her most devoted (and still secret) admirer. Straddling him, Eva reveals she’s always been obsessed with Santa, and what she REALLY wants for Christmas is tucked inside his red trousers…
As Tim engages in a torrid affair with Eva, their Santa-themed encounters become more and more risky. Then he runs into Jamie, a sexy blonde bombshell twice his age he’s always adored (and a woman Eva loathes for various, and justified, reasons).
When a mysterious note arrives threatening to blow the whistle on his fling with Eva, Tim is forced to meet their blackmailer at a local mall while dressed as Santa Claus. In his red suit and whiskers, Tim’s identity is shielded, but what happens when he’s forced to expose himself—completely—to the naughtiest elf in Santa’s workshop? And will Tim be able to juggle "Santa’s" fling with Eva with another MILF who wants a little Christmas magic in her stockings?
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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