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The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists by Norman Partridge
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Overview: A brand-new collection from Norman Partridge! This volume gathers several previously uncollected stories together with two new stories written for this collection. The 24 stories that make up this collection span the length of Partridge’s writing career. It also features an 8,500-word introduction, as well as a complete bibliography. As an added bonus, the limited edition also features an unpublished piece of juvenilia, “Castle of the Honda Monsters”.

– In a suburban American ghost town, a frightened boy armed with a BB gun stands alone against a soul-stealing stranger.

– During the Great Depression, outlaw rivals of Bonnie and Clyde battle for their lives in a bullet-riddled cornfield that holds the secret of love and death

– Returning to Texas beneath a sky the color of a woman’s heart, the man who slew Count Dracula brings a coffin and a thirst for vengeance to the town that abandoned him.
Genre: Horror, Short Stories


Seeing Past the Corners (An Introduction of Sorts)
Red Right Hand
The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists
The Pack
Blood Money
Last Kiss
Wrong Turn
In Beauty, Like the Night
Where the Woodbine Twineth
Mr. Fox
The Hollow Man
Return of the Shroud
Tombstone Moon
The Mojave Two-Step
Do Not Hasten To Bid Me Adieu
Carne Muerta
Bucket of Blood
Undead Origami
The Bars On Satan’s Jailhouse

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