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Lord Of The Dragon Riders Series by Turner Tellborn, Marcus Sloss (1-2)
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Overview: I’ve traveled the world having many grand adventures of my own. Yet somehow, I found them less fruitful than a good book. For decades I was an avid reader, devouring all the science fiction and fantasy I could. A youthful boy in my spitting image stunned me when he said he wanted to write. That was me, and I had passed it by. Not any longer. I type out the awesome twist and turns of adventuring heroes seven days a week to make up for lost time. I thrive to release my next book and seriously love what I do. If you enjoy my work, please leave a review. There is no better motivation for an author. Cheers, your adventuring partner, Marcus.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


#1 – A strange cry for help distracts Daniel from his boring study session. Curiosity gets the better of him and he is thrust through a portal where he emerges into a fantasy world of myth, magic, dragons and war.
His arrival grants him a special opportunity. After stumbling upon a dying dragon, he discovers an egg that is about to hatch. Daniel knows a grand adventure awaits him and he seizes the moment to become a dragon rider.
Fame, fortune, lust and glory await Daniel. But they come at a steep cost. Dark forces are gathering, and they want Daniel dead.
But Daniel is not alone. The Wild Dragon Rider will be joined by his Firebound – an assortment of lovely female dragon riders who can help Daniel turn the tide of the war. Assuming he survives long enough to make a difference!

#2 – Daniel isn’t just any Dragon Rider, he’s the chosen one, the last wild rider, and the leader of an ever-growing group of stunning female warriors. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, not quite.
Varya, the magical land Daniel now calls home, is in turmoil. His arrival has awoken the Dark Elves, who are growing stronger by the minute and are now closing in on the capital city of Centralis.
It’s up to Daniel to save the day, but he can’t do it alone.
Daniel heads north in search of reinforcements and hopefully a new Firebound or two to join the crew. The adventure will be grand, the company refreshing and the enemy worthy of slaughter.

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