Download Lemur Browser – extensions v2.4.2.006 (Beta)

Lemur Browser – extensions v2.4.2.006 (Beta)
Requirements: Android 7.0+
Overview: Lemur Browser is a browser that support Google extensions and edge extensions. and it also support Tampermonkey.


It can bring users a pure browsing experience. The browser is based on a new Chromium high-speed kernel engine and a variety of extensions make your browser full of personality, making it possible to customize the browser! Users can easily browse information, read news, watch videos and listen to music. Based on the Blink rendering engine and V8 engine of Google Chrome, it inherits the excellent architecture of Chromium, so you will quickly adapt to the Lemur Browser.

Support extensions, such as Tampermonkey extension, Clean Master from Google, Google Translation, Grammar Checker extension, Adguard Adblocker, Adblock, Dark Reader, Bitwarden, Global Speed, and so on.

Browser within extensions store. It support Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Edge Development.

Browser with extensions management, which can easily uninstall and stop using extensions.

Support local extensions. It support local import of crx extensions.

Search engine management. Baidu is the default search engine and users can quickly switch among Google, Sougou, Shenma, Being, 360haosou, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and custom search.

High-definition wallpaper. You can quickly change the wallpaper of homepage. The browser contains many kinds of wallpapers such as ocean, landscape, animals, anime, sport, etc. These wallpapers are all from Unsplash wallpapers. You can also custom upload your own wallpapers.

Homepage management. You can quickly add icons to your homepage from built-in library of well-designed icons. Custom icons can also be added to the homepage.

QR code scanning function. Support local QR code import and recognition, generate QR code for any webpage and share it with others.

Convenient tag management. Icons are tiled on the home page and can be managed in groups, making the home page clear at a glance.

Nearly perfect dark mode. Users can enjoy the ultimate darkness.

Privacy Mode. Turn on the privacy mode, you can turn into a private browser with one click.

Thank you for downloading and using Lemur Browser. If you meet any problems such as bugs, crashes or needs during use, you can give feedback and discuss in Rabbit Nest. You can also visit the Lemur Browser official website ( to learn more.

Beta: Release the latest internally developed version of the Lemur Browser team at 12:00 every day
Users supervise developers, let developers focus on development, and iterate quickly, making Lemur Browser different every day

Note: The provided package name is different to the stable version, you can install both at the same time

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Download Instructions:
armeabi-v7a … _32bit.apk


arm64-v8a … _64bit.apk


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