Download Kyndred Series 02 – Dreamveil by Lynn Viehl (.PDF) (.LIT)

Dreamveil by Lynn Viehl
Requirements: PDF Reader (556 kb), LIT Reader (301 kb)
Overview: Second novel in the Kyndred Series. Lynn Viehl is one of the most prolific multi-genre writers of the new millennium. Since her professional debut in January 2000, she has written and published twenty-five novels in five different genres, including seven novels in the bestselling StarDoc science fiction series (writing as S.L. Viehl) and eight novels of romantic suspense (writing as Gena Hale and Jessica Hall.). Paranormal Romance

Rowan Dietrich grew up on the streets. Now she’s out to start anew, find a job-and keep her identity as a Kyndred secret, as well as her ability to "dreamveil" herself into the object of others’ desires.

But Rowan isn’t using her gift when world-class chef Jean-Marc Dansant is stricken by her beauty and strength. And when dark secrets from her past threaten her new life and love, Rowan realizes she can’t run forever…

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