Download Kisses Of My Enemy by William David Ellis (.ePUB)

Kisses Of My Enemy by William David Ellis (Harry Ferguson Chronicles #3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 376 KB
Overview: Belle Rodum loves Harry but she’s got to kill him.

So… what happens when a witch who has never encountered a man she couldn’t seduce or kill, falls for a Dragon Rider she has to destroy?.

Sarah Linscomb a shape shifting dragoness, loves Harry she visits him in her dreams.

But Sarah is a thousand years away, and a magnificent Berber king fighting for the survival of his people needs her. His people need her, but what does she need? Did I mention Harry is a time traveler?

Nazis are conjuring a demon to infuse their soldiers with its power.

Belle is charged with protecting it. And Harry has to destroy it.

Everybody is doing the right thing and no one is happy about it!
Genre: Fiction > Romance | Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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