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Killigrew series by Jonathan Lunn (#5,6)
Requirements: Born in London, Jonathan Lunn started writing at the age of fifteen. He studied history at the University of Leicester, where he became involved in politics. He worked for six years as a spin doctor in local government, but decided to leave politics behind and concentrate on his writing. He is the author of a series of naval adventure stories, described as "the Victorian Hornblower", based around the eponymous hero of the first book, Killigrew R.N. (2000). The series now runs to six books, the most recent of which was Killigrew and the Sea Devil (2005). Entertaining and historically accurate, the series is shortly to be re-launched in Italy. He has also written two books under his real name, Daniel Hall, and currently lives in Bristol.
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Genre: Historical Fiction

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#5 Killigrew’s Run
Killigrew meets his match as the Crimean War hots up

The Baltic, 1854: Navies, like armies, have camp followers, and the British fleet that sails to the Baltic on the eve of the Crimean War is no exception. Along with the floating grog shop and brothels come ‘war tourists’ – aristocratic gentlemen travelling to see the war first-hand.

When Viscount Bullivant is taken prisoner by the Russians, it falls to Commander Kit Killigrew to negotiate his release. But the Russians suspect his lordship has vital information and before long Killigrew is a prisoner of the Third Section – the feared Tsarist secret police.

In the ensuing forty-eight hours, Killigrew must escape, rescue Bullivant, steal back his yacht, sail through the treacherous Ekenäs Archipelago and take on a Russian ship with an unarmed schooner. And in Captain-Lieutenant Count Mikhail Yurievich Pechorin, he may finally have met his match…

#6 Killigrew and the Sea Devil
1855: When Commander Kit Killigrew is framed for murder by his old foe, the Russian Colonel Nekrasoff, he must plunge into the murky depths of the Victorian underworld to escape.

Before long he is on an undercover mission to St Petersburg, tracking down a missing engineer to discover the whereabouts of a secret weapon known as the Sea Devil…

But in a world of espionage, nothing is as it seems. Killigrew must unravel the conspiracy before the trail finally leads to him the fortress of Sveaborg in his most explosive adventure yet.

The blistering conclusion of the Killigrew Naval Adventures takes into the dramatic heart of war at sea. A fitting ending, perfect for readers of C.S. Forester, Patrick O’Brian and Julian Stockwin.

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