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Hot Holiday Love: an Interracial romance by Germaine Solomon
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Overview: Only holiday magic could bring superstar R&B and pop singing sensation, Zyeshia, and multi-champion soccer phenom, Viper Drachenberg, together. Heartbroken, she flees her home in Atlanta, Georgia and retreats to the Blue Ridge Mountains three days before Christmas to escape the humiliation of a cheating ex-boyfriend and the blood-sucking media. He seeks solace at his cabin in the mountains of Georgia, thousands of miles away from his home in Munich, Germany while his career hangs in the balance after being suspended from the league for testing positive for illegal substances.

From two totally different worlds, Zyeshia and Viper are strangers to each other, but the moment they meet, an instant mutual attraction ignites, connecting them and the sexual chemistry they share is beyond explosive. Yielding to the primitive call of nature, the ancient intimacy originated by Adam and Eve, the songstress and pro baller fall under each other’s spell in the hottest holiday romance ever. And soon, love consumes them. But just before they’re able to fully explore their newfound union of the hearts, Viper is summoned back to Germany to learn his fate in the world of soccer, forcing Zyeshia to return home longing for his touch.

Their secret identities and hectic career schedules make it impossible for the soul mates to reunite. But destiny has a way of aligning the stars perfectly in the sky to bring yearning hearts back together again even after unforeseen interruptions, a scandalous plot, and unexpected misfortune. Hot Holiday Love is a delicious Christmastime treat, featuring a raw alpha male and a sexy singing sistah who steals his heart and keeps it for life.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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