Download Her Royal Servant by Emilie Blondel (.MOBI)

Her Royal Servant: Lesbian Historical Erotica by Emilie Blondel
Requirements: Mobi Reader, 187 KB
Overview: Beautiful blonde Anne-Marie was born into a lowly life, working on a small market in the city of Paris. She dreams of one day escaping, and although she knows she can make an extra livre or two by giving the young men of Paris her favours, she has never felt interested in the company of men.

When she buys herself a flirtatious new outfit one day, spending all her meagre savings, she is surprised to discover that it is not just men who seem interested in her now. In fact, she attracts the interest of one of the wealthiest, most beautiful women in the whole of France.

When she is taken back to the Palace of Versailles, in order to be this gentlewoman’s special servant, she is amazed how good it feels to finally find someone worth serving. Her world, from now on, is full of majesty.
Genre: Lesbian Romance


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