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Hell Hounds Harem Series by Briana Michaels (1-3)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 966 KB
Overview: Briana Michaels grew up and still lives on the East Coast.
Genre: Romance


1. Restless Spirit – Hunted by dark spirits, she’s running out of options…
At first glance, she probably seemed like any woman in her prime – Full of life, fearless, and dances like everyone’s watching. Except no one is because she’s dead. Worse than dead, she’s invisible. No one can see, hear, or feel her and who can live dead like that? Oh, by the way, she also has no idea who she is, how she died, or who killed her.
As if that’s not bad enough, dark spirits are hunting her. Knowing she can’t fight them off forever, she’s running out of options and is determined to do whatever it takes to survive.
Enter Jack, with his killer smile and wicked sharp blades.
He can see her. Touch her. And kisses like a sinner with no interest in finding salvation.
When Jack offers her a chance of a lifetime, she’s all too eager to accept his help and follow him home. What she finds when they go through his front door defies everything she thought life was about. He isn’t just her savior. He’s something far more dangerous.
And he doesn’t live alone.
Can she trust her instincts and navigate through the fog of her past to find out what happened to her? If so, how does Jack play a role in her life… and death?

2. The Dark Truth – Sara’s memories and love for her Hounds are slowly rising to the surface. But can the newly reformed pack survive the fight against a new darkness?
Each of Sara’s Hounds have brought a piece of her back from the hopeless abyss she faced. Together, they share the depths of passion and forge an unbreakable bond. But secrets held close can threaten the strongest of connections.
While searching for the key to save Hell, each of the Hounds come face-to-face with the Dark Truth – a tricky hag with a nasty bite and a knowledge of each of their deepest secrets. When the pack members are forced to face their real truths, admitting them isn’t just painful, it’s terrifying. Traitorous. Damning.
Will the Hounds survive being laid bare before each other, or will the pack crumble under the strain and suffer the same fate looming over Hell’s walls – Ultimate Destruction?

3. The Devil’s Darling – Packs are divided, oaths are broken, and ties are severed. No one is safe. And the traitor is still out there causing mayhem. Could it get any worse? Yes, it could.
The closer Sara’s pack gets to discovering who the traitor is, the faster everything around them unravels. With power ripe for the taking, Lucifer’s reign, the Hell Hounds’ survival, and the balance of souls – both good and bad – are all in grave danger.
This war with the malanum isn’t one they can fight alone, but trusting anyone outside the pack is a risk that may not be worth taking. It’s now or never – hard decisions must be made.
No more lies. No more tricks. No more mercy.
Howl with the Hounds and brace for impact, the war has begun.

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