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Heart of Desire: a hockey romance novel (The Hearts Series Book 1) by Liana Tiamzon
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 1.4 MB
Overview: She’s a fallen angel being held captive in hell by her own mind…
She’s the forbidden fruit he was never allowed to have. Grayson Prince has gotten whatever he’s wanted ever since he could breathe air. His dangerous smirk, intoxicating eyes, and massive ego makes him the most repulsive man Adrianna’s ever known.
The sarcastic, brooding hockey player has been the bane of her existence since they could crawl. What could he possibly want so bad that he needs her help, let alone, begging her for a three-month deal of fake dating himself?
He wants his ex back.
He wants his father to take him seriously.
But with each day of fake dates, fake affection…
He wants her.
He’s the devil who saves her from her demons…
He was the poisonous fruit she never desired to touch. Adrianna Cassian only wants one thing, and that’s for her father to care about her. She has been haunted ever since her twenty-two seconds of death when she overdosed a year ago. A year has gone by and even her own father can’t look at her. Her golden eyes, her chocolate hair, and her smartass attitude make her the most insufferable woman Grayson has ever laid eyes on.
Adrianna being described as fiery, beautifully intelligent, and wanted has always been the biggest lie he’s ever heard in his entire life. What could Adrianna possibly be hiding from everyone that she’s willing to distract herself by helping Grayson?
She wants herself back.
She despises him.
She craves the temptation…
She craves him.
Genre: Fiction > Romance > Sports


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