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Hate To Love Series by Alexis Bice & Amanda Alger Rice (#1-2)
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Genre: Fiction > Romance
Hate You More (Hate To Love duet Book 1) Love You Most (Hate To Love duet Book 2)
1. Hate You More (Hate To Love duet Book 1)
Vaeda. The girl that I hate.The girl that I can’t stop thinking about.The girl that I bully, tease, taunt, and push away, until the point of no return.She’s annoying, stubborn, and…Everything that I’m attracted to.Greyson.The boy that I hate.The boy that can’t commit to save his life.The boy that pushes me so far, that nothin’ will ever be the same again.He’s a cocky football star that makes the bile rise in my throat and the butterflies dance in my belly.And that’s the thing about love.It doesn’t make sense.It never makes sense.It doesn’t have to.It’s just…There.

2. Love You Most (Hate To Love duet Book 2)
Vaeda. The girl I used to hate. Or so I thought. I spent years convincing myself and everyone else that our incessant banter was nothing but expression of our mutual hatred for each other. Until I realized the only thing I actually hated…was how much I didn’t hate her at all. The Mutt grew up–and the once barefoot spitfire of a tomboy turned into a damn knockout, whose smile alone took my breath away. But the world doesn’t stop spinning just because two people fell in love. If anything, it picks up speed and throws us into a whole new world of problems that would test just how far I was willing to go…for the one I love…the most.Greyson. The boy I once hated more than anythin’. The boy that stole my heart and took it with him the day he left. Apparently the words ‘for better or for worse’ meant nothin’ to him. Now here I am left to pick up the pieces of the life he broke, and rebuild it again on my own. I’m happy and successful and I have everythin’ I could ever want. But a part of me still wonders…why after all this time, the man I should hate more than anythin’…it still the one I love the most.

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