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Harper Ross Legal Thrillers 1-3 by Rachel Sinclair
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Overview: Join in the suspense, thrills and fun of this hot legal thriller series! Three books for one low price!
Genre: Mystery Thriller


A transgendered youth accused of a brutal murder…

An attorney on the brink of self-destruction…

Attorney Harper Ross is at the end of her rope. Her former client, John Robinson, who she walked on a technicality, went on to kill again. John’s second victim was a young, vibrant mother of two. After suffering with the devastating guilt about the evil that she unleashed back onto the street, Harper retreats to her old haunt, a bar called Charlie Hooper’s, as she confronts her old demons.

Before she has a chance to completely drown her sorrows, Harper is called to defend Heather Morrison, a transgendered youth who is accused of killing her mother in cold blood. Heather insists that it was self-defense; Harper has her doubts.

As Harper gets further into investigation of the case, she discovers an evil beyond anything that she knew was possible. Her investigation of a church leads her to a Reverend who preaches hatred from the pulpit and possibly more.

Harper gets closer to the truth, yet further away from proving anything in a court of law. Her case seems to be sinking, and nothing can possibly save it.

With hairpin turns and twists you never see coming, Bad Faith is a fast-paced legal thriller that’s not to be missed.


Harper must deal with a dark part of her past when she defends her rapist, Michael Reynolds, who is charged with murdering a judge. Harper wants revenge, so she takes the case with the explicit desire to throw it. But as she digs deeper into the case, she understands that if she throws Michael’s case, it means that the real culprit will go free. Struggling with her conscience, which is fighting for her desire for vengeance, Harper must access some of the darkest recesses of her brain.

As she digs in deeper into the case, she finds a conspiracy that goes to the highest level. She’s not clear, however, if Michael Reynolds is also involved.

Harper wants to see Michael convicted, even though he’s her client. If he’s not involved in the murder, can she try to throw his case anyhow? Doing so would go against her conscience and ethics.

But it would also set her free…


Harper’s uncle, Jack Calhoun, has been charged with murdering a priest. Jack has no idea if he killed the priest or not. All that he knows is that he woke up in the rectory, holding a knife, with a priest covered in blood at his feet.

It soon become apparent that Jack is not who he seems. He’s not the man who Harper grew up with. He’s become something else. Somebody else. It’s possible that he really killed Father Malone – Harper must come to terms with the reality.

As Harper gets further into the case, she’s never quite sure exactly what happened. She doesn’t want to believe that her beloved uncle would be capable of such a crime.

All signs point to Jack as the murderer.

Did he do it?

With the twists and turns that you’ve come to expect from a Rachel Sinclair legal thriller, this tightly-paced story is not to be missed!

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