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A Short & Happy Guide to Agency and Partnership (Short & Happy Guides) by David Simon Sokolow
Requirements: .ePUB, .PDF reader, 1.1 MB
Overview: This streamlined guide provides a template for analyzing any question on Agency & Partnership students might encounter on their final exams or on the bar. Essentially, it provides a roadmap to an A. (It is not intended to replace class preparation, but it will certainly suffice in a pinch). Agency used to be a required first-year course (honest!). Now it is shoehorned into Business Associations (or whatever your law school calls it). Students can parlay this book’s insights into a model answer. Are they having trouble distinguishing a general partnership from a limited partnership from a limited liability partnership? No more! This book uses examples, outlines, and charts to simplify the complexities of A&P law. Students can keep this book once the exam is over; it’s a handy refresher course on A&P when they are in practice.
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