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Guardians of Summerfeld: Full Series: Books 1-4 by Melissa Delport
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Overview: The Guardians of Summerfeld is a fantasy series written by Melissa Delport. It follows the story of Quinn Harden, a Guardian of the City of Summerfeld, safe haven for the last remaining survivors of the Blood War. Sworn to protect the last mythical creatures in existence, Quinn finds herself torn between duty, family, and her growing feelings for a mortal enemy of Summerfeld.
Genre: Fiction, Sci-fi / Fantasy


This boxset includes:

#1 – The Cathedral of Cliffdale
Beyond the limits of mankind’s understanding there exists a City, created as a sanctuary for the survivors of a brutal and bloody war.

Within the city of Summerfeld the last mythical creatures live out their days in peace, fiercely protected by twelve immortals: brave defenders known as the Guardians. A Guardian is dead. For the first time in one thousand years, no replacement has come forward. Following the murder of her twin sister, Quinn Harden abandons the Guardianship in order to take care of her sister’s children in the modern realm of man. Shortly after their second birthday, the children are taken, against her will, in an attempt by the Guardians to bring her back into the fold. Quinn will stop at nothing to find her niece and nephew, but as she is drawn deeper into the world of Summerfeld, she finds herself torn between her loyalty to her family and the wards she has sworn to protect. As their enemies close in the Guardians must unite or Summerfeld will fall.

#2 – The Fight of the Fallen
Quinn has returned to Summerfeld determined to save the life of her friend and to avenge her sister’s death. Tristan is the only one who can help her save Rafe. Drake holds the key to finding Avery’s killer. Torn between the two, Quinn knows that eventually she will have to make a choice. One that could bring about the fall of the City she has sworn to protect.

#3 – The Hope of Hawkstone
As the Guardians prepare to defend the City against a veritable army, a traitor lies in their midst, one who is destined to destroy Summerfeld. Still reeling from the depth of Drake’s betrayal, Quinn Harden makes a startling discovery that sets her on a new course and threatens everything she has ever believed to be true. As their enemies close in, Quinn must place her faith in the hands of the one man who could save them all.

#4 – The Balance of the Blood
Newly branded as the Slayer, Quinn learns that she has been deceived by those she trusts most. A long-hidden prophecy reveals that Quinn may be the City’s saviour, but at what cost? Quinn accepts her destiny but this is a battle she must face alone, as the bond with the vampire Drake forces them apart. In a desperate attempt to restore the Fae magic, Quinn risks everything to save what remains of Summerfeld.

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