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Guardian Ranger by Cynthia Eden (Shadow Agents #2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 366KB | Retail | 2017 REISSUE
Overview: Don’t miss this tantalizing fan-favorite from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden!
The Last Chance bar is Veronica Lane’s last hope. Desperate to find her missing brother, the sheltered computer programmer must turn to Jasper Adams—the man she’d been warned to stay far away from. Veronica knows she’s taking a risk putting her life in the hands of the former Texas Ranger, who arouses a desire within her that she must resist at all costs.

Posing as a ruthless mercenary is just a cover for what Jasper’s really doing: hunting a killer. And Veronica is in the line of fire. This soldier-turned-elite-ops-agent knows that he’s playing a dangerous game—trying to win Veronica’s trust while deceiving her about his true mission. What will happen once Veronica discovers everything about him is a lie…everything except his passion for her?
Genre: Fiction | Romance


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