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Great Chat: Seven Lessons for Better Conversations, Deeper Connections and Improved Wellbeing by Josh Smith
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Overview: Our lives are filled with conversations – from internal chats, surface level chats, dreaded chats to the deep and meaningful chats – but when was the last time you had a ‘great chat’?

During his childhood, Josh was too afraid to speak because of his speech impediment. In his adulthood, it was uncovering the power of conversation that transformed his life. As a celebrity interviewer, Josh has talked with people of every background, mood and personality, and had them open up like never before. Josh believes there’s an art and a science to a good chat and understanding it can unlock a whole world of connection.

Great Chat includes seven key lessons that will help you have more meaningful conversations and show you how it can improve your wellbeing.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Self-help


This essential guide will teach you:
• How to structure a conversation
• Why asking questions can build emotional intelligence and make you more likeable
• How listening twice as much as talking can change your social life
• How to embrace difficult conversations and why they are good for you

Whether it’s starting out in a new industry, navigating digital dating, or trying to make friends later in life, everyone is struggling to connect. Great Chat will help you have more meaningful conversations and transform your life.

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