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Goddess and the Geek by Lisa S. Gayle
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.3 mb
Overview: Geniuses can become bad boys too…

The Goddess is a glamorous marketing whiz full of sass with a shady past. The Geek is a genius CEO with a head for numbers but not for words. He has his sights set on her… But what happens when he has to face challenges beyond the power of his brain? Will he flee back to the confines of his comfortable office desk? Or will he stand beside her and fight?

Gigi “Goddess” Green is her name—well, her fake one anyway. Forced to create a false identity to escape her manipulative, controlling ex, Genevieve is on the run, and only one man has been willing to hire her under false pretenses. He’s smart, sweet, and sensitive—and he’s a freaking millionaire who’s into her of all people! But will he still be into her when he finds out she’s got to take down the most powerful casino owner in Reno? Should she tell him he’s her one and only ally before she ropes him in? Or just bring his genius brain along for the ride?

Brendan Carter King is just a regular everyday guy—well, mostly anyway. He’s good at numbers—so good, in fact, that he dropped out of college to start his own finance company and earn himself millions. He has the CEO title, the mansion, the cars, the everything—except a partner in life to love and cherish. No one has ever caught his eye until her—the glamourous Gigi Goddess Green. Will she be willing to give a geeky guy in glasses a chance? Because one look into her ingenious eyes and he’s lost.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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