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God Class II by N.J. Evans (Saga of the God Class Book 2)
Requirements: epub reader, 411 kb
Overview: The first battle of an old Emperor versus a new God is over, but the war has only just started.

Silas has survived his first days on Galleon as the new Deity, but only barely. The power he wields, that same power that he can pass on to others, has put him in a difficult position, as now those he trusts tries to obtain some of it for themselves. After experiencing the pain and loss they have experienced, he begins to wonder if gifting them with a Class of their own will be their salvation, or their undoing.

Meanwhile, Emperor Rainier toils against new powers against him and plans for how to crush it before it spreads. Using his own tainted blood, he works to create a force to overwhelm his opposition against those he sees as threats to the peace he fought to achieve.

The long awaited sequel to God Class will see new Demi-Gods brought into power, new horrors of the tainted blood appear, and the rise and fall of rebel houses against the conquering empire of Rainier. Throughout this, Silas, the new Deity of this world, will have to face the consequences of his actions and learn what it means to be a God.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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