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Finding Trust Romance Series Boxed Set by Tayla Alexandra
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Overview: Tayla Alexandra is the romantic alter-ego of an otherwise suspenseful mind.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Finding Alissa
She doesn’t know who he is. He knows who he wants her to be.
When Alissa Martin finds out her fiancé is cheating on her she is so distraught that she packs a suitcase and leaves. In a rush of confusion, Alissa ends up in a car accident.
Upon awakening in the hospital in the town of Trust, Arizona, she has lost her memory. Confused and frustrated, she is shocked to hear she’s a loving wife and mother of three.
Even after a year, Derek Andrews mourns the loss of his wife. But his Father-in-law thinks it’s time to move on. So much so, that he threatens to cut Derek off if he doesn’t find a mother for the children.
But Derek could never love another woman. When he comes upon the wreckage of a woman who looks identical to his Elle, he’s determined to make her a part of their family.
But can love be found among deception? Will the lie tear apart everything they have built together?

Loving Josie
She doesn’t think she can be loved. He has enough love for them both.
Life has not been good to Josie Lowry. Through the hardships of her cruel past, she ends up living on the streets of Trust, Arizona. In the dead of winter, she takes refuge in a man’s home while he is supposed to be away. She means no harm, and she’s only looking for a bit of warmth and a nice hot shower.
Patrick Knowles is living in the moment. He’s excited to propose to his girlfriend, but when she breaks up with him as he’s waiting for his flight out to see her, Patrick is distraught and confused.
But it’s nothing compared to finding a woman fast asleep on his couch. Grateful that he doesn’t call the police, Josie returns to the bitter, cold streets. Something about the woman ignites a spark in Patrick and he seeks her out to present her with an offer she can’t refuse.

Reclaiming Bailey
She only wants the truth, but knowing could crush her, and Ethan isn’t willing to take that chance.
After ten years, Bailey Garrett has yet to get over the break up with her high school sweetheart. And even worse than that, she still has yet to learn the cause of it. After being best friends since childhood and dating all through high school, one day he just … left.
Ethan Parker has loved her all his life. But he has a secret too damaging to tell her. When his mother’s home is passed down to him, he finds himself in the path of the woman who has haunted his heart for years.
Now, the two of them are in the same town of Trust, Arizona. If that’s not frustrating enough for them both, they are living right next door to each other. But Ethan can’t tell her what made him leave, and Bailey won’t forgive him until he does.

Chasing Kennedy
Can an internet romance really survive? Kennedy Woods is willing to find out.
Kennedy is unsatisfied with her life. When she clicks on the dating site EliteSinglesMeet, she meets many of men she’s not interested in. But one, in particular, FallWithMe, has caught her attention. He’s kind, thoughtful, and very attentive. And best of all, he doesn’t care that she’s put on a couple of extra pounds.
Quin is ashamed to tell his best friend Kennedy that his marriage has failed. With their busy schedules, it’s not hard to do. But when his feelings deepen for her, he makes a profile on the same dating site just to spend time with her. He’s gotten himself in too deep and now, how can he tell her that he’s FallWithMe?
Being friends with a married man she once had a crush on, is too much for Kennedy.
Quin is too afraid to tell her of his failures.
Can they ever be what both of them have wished for since high school?

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