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Fear of Flying by KC Elle
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Overview: Love is in the air. Probably. Most likely. But will a bit of turbulence get in the way of their love taking flight?

Drew Parker knows he’s never going to get married. Fall in love. Have a family. But that’s okay, really. It’s safer that way—living life out to his family but otherwise in the closet—just as his parents have always told him. Besides, though he’s attracted to men, he’s never felt the urge to actually be intimate with anyone. So, really, it doesn’t matter.

Until Drew meets Zach.

Zach Harrison’s anxiety doesn’t rule his entire life, just mostly his social life. And undeniably his love life. According to his best friend, Jen, it’s the sole reason why he’s never had a date or even been kissed. He’s hoping someday he’ll just run into his Prince Charming and they’ll live happily ever after. But real life’s not that simple.

When Tired-of-Lawyering-All-Weekend Drew meets Absolutely-Terrified-of-Flying Zach, Drew comes to Zach’s rescue, and sparks seem to fly. And when a snowstorm grounds their connecting flight—and every flight in the city—their instant love connection starts to soar.

After spending almost two blissfully perfect days in the same hotel room being in love, it’s clear they’re made for each other. But is “meant to be” enough to help Drew finally get over his fear of flying?
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM


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