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Fae Witch Chronicles by J.S. Malcom (2-6)
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Overview: J. S. Malcom is the author of the Realm Watchers urban fantasy series, of which Autumn Winters is just the beginning. J. S. lives in Richmond, Virginia, a town full of history and ghosts (not to mention, many other supernatural creatures, including Autumn and Cassie).
Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy


2. Realms of Mist and Ash – Cassie is back for another action-packed adventure full of magic, mystery and danger!

3. Realms of Fire and Shadow – In Faerie, magical power means everything. Keeping it means finding the key.
After barely escaping with my life, returning to Faerie is the last thing I want to do. But my mission has grown only stronger now that I’ve sworn to save more held trapped in that realm. If only I know about their fate, then I’m sure as hell going to save them. Even if it means returning to hell.
The upside is I now know where Julia is being kept. The downside is she’s being used as bait by the High Mage. Meanwhile, the Seelie are losing their stranglehold on magical power as the realm destabilizes around them. Which only makes them more dangerous in their quest to regain immortality. There’s both fighting in the streets and search parties on the hunt. I soon learn those men are hunting for me. My only hope is taking refuge with more of the hunted, the rebel faction plotting to take back magical power. They need me and I need them. But there’s another who needs me too, the intoxicating fae lord who hasn’t forgotten what passed between us. It may be that his power over me proves too hard to resist. But how can I know if he wants me for who I am, or because of the magic that may lay hidden within me? Because if I’m the one foretold in the prophecies, I may hold the fate of three realms in my hands.

4. Realms of Mirrors and Demons – We all wrestle with our demons. Some of us get out there and fight them.

5. Realms of Spells and Vampires – Unless I want a vampire for a sister, I better learn to trust one as a friend.
There I was thinking saving Faerie had been challenging. Compared to what I’m up against now, fighting with the rebels to topple the Seelie regime seems like a walk in the park. Who would have thought that realm-wide strife and the threat of supernatural invasion could sound like the good old days?
Everything can change in a day, as they say, and for me it sure as hell did. With my sister’s life on the line for a magical crime she didn’t commit, the clock is ticking loud and fast for me to save her. To clear her name, I need to unravel a mystery with so many knots that I’m not even sure where to start pulling. Do I choose the mysterious veil witch trying to kill us, the ruthless vampire seeking world domination, or the High Demon with the powers of a goddess? They’re all involved somehow, and I’m willing to bet my old friend Vintain has a hand in this too. The problem being I don’t have the first idea what their game is. Still, it appears that what happens in Faerie, doesn’t stay in Faerie, or so I keep thinking. Then there’s the cherry on top of this little nightmare sundae: to sort this mess out I’ll have to partner up with a vampire. Just perfect, seeing as I’m magically predisposed to obliterate her and she has every reason to hate me. But I better make it work, because if I don’t turn things around soon I may end up with a vampire for a sister.

6. Realms of Lightning and Dragons – Cassie is back for another action-packed supernatural adventure.

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6. Realms of Lightning and Dragons

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