Download Eclairs and Executions by Carole Fowkes (.ePUB)

Eclairs and Executions by Carole Fowkes (Terrified Detective Mystery #4)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 538 KB
Overview: Famous literary critic, George Dixon, is found dead. The murder weapons are several manila folders. The killer might be one person or a committee. This guy had more enemies than Julius Caesar. The only witness is PI Claire DeNardo, who spotted Iola Taylor, well-known author, fleeing the scene of the crime. Too bad earlier that day Iola became Claire’s client. When Iola insists she was merely in the wrong place, wrong time, Claire sets out to discover the truth. Hampering her investigation is the involvement of Michael Bucanetti, the notorious gangster Claire tangled with in previous cases. He’s throwing his mobster weight around and it may crush the life out of Claire and everyone she cares about. As the body count rises and the danger mounts, Police Detective Brian Corrigan pressures Claire to step back from the case and step up their romance. But can’t a girl have it all? And stay alive?
Genre: Cozy Mystery


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