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Devil’s Playground Series by Ginger Fontaine (1-3)
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Overview: Ginger loves writing lovely kinky stories about powerful alpha men battling sassy, salacious women who always get what they want.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Devil’s Playground – "You’ve misunderstood, sir. I’m not for sale."
The criminal underworld isn’t kind to women. It’s why my father groomed me the way he did. He made me strong. Powerful. Able to defend myself without the help of a man. That’s why I run his auction house. I know how to deal with the powerful, pompous men that walk through those doors.
It never dawned on me that, one day, I’d be a possession he sold off…
Her curves round out the spotlight. Her smile hides a mystery. Charged with an order directly from my father, I know she has to come home with me. We have plans, you see. My family and me. In order to take my father’s place at the head of the table, I must become the man of the house. And that means taking a wife.
What I didn’t understand was the war that would wage the second I got her home.
A powerful man requires a powerful woman, and Violet Cramer is exactly that.
Plus, it always makes for a fun time when breaking in a new toy.

2. Devil’s Advocate – "You’re mine. Start getting used to it."
My father sold me off. Me. The eldest in the family.
He promised me power and recognition, and what did I get?
Galan O’Connor.
He wants me to do his bidding.
Fight his battles.
Get down on my knees for him.
What he doesn’t know is that I bow to no one.
Even if he thinks he owns me.
She’s feisty and opinionated.
Luscious, and luxurious.
But, she’s got a mouth on her ten miles wide.
A mouth I wish to tame.
She’ll be my wife before she ever escapes.
She’ll love me, whether she likes it or not.
But when I uncover deceit within my own family’s ranks?
She takes up the one position I never thought possible.

3. Devil’s Domain – "So, about our plan to take down our families. I know how to go about it."
No family. No friends. No trust.
That’s what I got when my father sold me off.
Betrayal. Anger. Loneliness.
And thirst for revenge I can’t quench.
I’m on the run with the man who owns me.
Every inch of me, paid for in blood money.
His touch is electric.
His body sets me aflame with desire.
But when everything Galan was promised gets ripped away?
Our purposes finally converge.
It’s the only currency I accept when betrayal is on the menu.
And the only blood I seek is the blood of those who conspired against me.
My own family.
My own flesh.
Tossing me to the wolves like a rat.
They won’t get away with it, though.
Not as long as I’m alive.
I’ll make sure I get everything that was promised to me.
Including her.
Including Violet.
Just like I was promised when I bought her.

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3. Devil’s Domain

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