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Destiny’s Promise by Sheila Raye
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Overview: Without love, destiny is naught but an empty promise.

His destiny promises struggle. As the 13th century comes to a close, Scotland enjoys a tentative, fragile peace. Garric MacLachlan, a taciturn Highland warrior, fosters his reputation as an unfeeling brute to ward off those who would threaten his kin. Garric believes his sword will determine his future until a single act of mercy by an English servant challenges every lesson he’s ever learned and wrestles all control from his hands.

Her destiny promises pain. Abandoned on the day of her birth, Linette has been reared to serve her English master. She harbors a secret dream of a safe home but knows it is her fate to die at the hand of a stranger. Determined to meet her destiny with courage, she welcomes the Scottish chieftain into the small hovel she shares with her foster mother. Garric’s vow to protect her weaves their futures together so tightly she must fight to keep him safe from sharing her dark fate.

Their shared destiny promises passion.
Genre: Romance


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