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Deadly Confederacies: And Other Stories by Martin Malone
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Overview: From a teenager adjusting to a new world among relatives in 1970s Wales, to a man and his partner adjusting to a darker Ireland filled with unemployment, health scares and only dreams of a better future he brings the reader deep inside the minds and lives of his characters.
In intimate prose and illuminating detail Malone displays his skills as a master of setting and description.
Driven by Malone’s ability to empathise and understand even the most extreme of minds, the stories bring twists, humour and sadness in vivid and gripping prose. Deadly Confederacies is a collection to be savoured and enjoyed.
Genre: Fiction|Short Stories|Drama


The Caulbearer’s Awakening
Love in a Cold Shadow
Big Sis’s Little Trouble
The Archbishop’s Daughter
Taming the Wolves
A day unlike any other
A Lasting Impression
Thursday Market
Café Phoenicia
Wicked Games
The woman who wanted to do nothing for ever and ever
Deadly Confederacies
A Sort of Jesus Disappearance
Doll Woman
If Something Doesn’t Get better
That Time in Kurdistan
House of Dara
The Red Caboose Motel
Mingi Street
The Stand House

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