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Dark Deeds by Jill S. Behe
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Overview: While on a run through the woods behind his house one Sunday morning, Decker Brogan and his pet lab stumble across a woman’s body.

As the death toll rises, the chief of police (Levi Kincaid)—Decker’s best bud since grade school—asks for his help with the investigation. Decker’s background as a former Marine, and an agent with a private security company, comes in handy.

Though the victims don’t seem to have any connection with one another, Decker’s late wife shows up unexpectedly and sheds a bit of light on that mystery. She also manages to freak him out at the same time.

Teal Hannigan, head librarian, has had her eye on the sexy widower for some time. They’ve flirted back and forth whenever he moseys into the library. When he finally asks her out, she’s elated, but soon feels as though she’s landed in a combat zone. Still, their romance … buds, blossoms, blooms.

Putting their heads together with Levi, they hash out possible suspects, motives, and a rudimentary plan to capture the killer. They also reveal a few surprises to the conservative police chief.

A powwow, with Decker’s son in attendance, results in a more detailed plan, but it all hinges on whether the bait is enticing enough to lure the culprit.

The showdown between law enforcement and the killer could go either way. Good thing the guys in the white hats have a contingency plan.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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