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Coding for Kids: An unmissable introduction to the world of coding. The two most popular programs, python and scratch, together in a unique guide taught simply and enjoyably for kids. by Mark B. Bennet
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Overview: If you are looking for a book to brush your kid’s talent, to let him/her have fun while coding and to programme in a simple and efficient way, this is the best book for you.

This package is well thought out and designed to help your kids to develop in a pleasant and stimulating way their abilities in problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and working collaboratively.

It will also help them to understand how to bounce back from failure. They learn that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing and that in fact, it can often be something positive because it serves as a learning opportunity. This is one of the most important reasons why kids should code, because they will learn quickly that ‘debugging’ your code is half the fun.

But why should kids learn coding?

There are so many reasons to learn coding. Children learning coding will always be able to take a vague idea and use their creativity to turn it into a meaningful reality. If the first solution doesn’t work, they are well equipped mentally to try again instead of giving up. If the second one doesn’t work as well, they try again, they keep on trying until the problem is solved.

This book helps to develop this type of creativity and resilience, and these characteristics are highly sought after in the present world.
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