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Children of the Pomme series by Matthew Fish (#1-#4)
Requirements: Epub reader, 947 Kb
Overview: Matthew Fish is an author from LaSalle IL, he has fifteen completed works in many various genres of fiction.
Genre: Fantasy


1. Children of the Pomme
After turning eighteen, Mark Argent has been dealing with the loss of his father. After a strange home invasion by an unusual girl with talents, Mark is pulled into a world where Perpetuals, people who have the power to live extraordinary long lives, and Mortals are in conflict. Being hunted down by an unknown evil, Mark must figure out his role in this new world before it is too late.

2. Children of Cernunnos
The residents of Red Manor must stand with a daughter of Cernunnos as death comes hunting for them. Facing against insurmountable odds, the group must strengthen their bonds and seek help from a former enemy before all is lost.

3. Betrayal of Cernunnos
As the Residents of Red Manor come into a possible conflict with the Perpetual Council, an outcome must be decided as something completely unexpected looms just on the horizon that may end the future for all. Betrayal of Cernunnos is the sequel to Children of Cernunnos, and Children of the Pomme.

4. Children of Memories
In a desperate attempt to keep his son safe, a man enters into a contract to return a missing girl to a mysterious group of Perpetuals. After meeting the girl, the man begins to discover the truth behind the terrible threat that now hunts him as well.

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