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Kernal by Alex Kozlowski (Broken Interface 1)
Requirements: epub, mobi, azw3 reader, 671 kb
Overview: Early one morning, the world ended. The devastating Alpha Event rewrote the very laws of reality itself, transforming peaceful cities and communities into sprawling hellscapes filled with flesh-eating zombies – and worse!
For Daniel, a Zombie Apocalypse couldn’t have happened at a worse time. If he’d been back at the farm, he might have stood a better chance than most. Instead, Daniel woke up in a distant hotel room armed with nothing but a hangover.
To add insult to injury, as he and other survivors shelter for safety in their hotel, Daniel discovers another misfortune. To help guide them through the horrors of this new reality, each suvivor is supposed to have been grafted with an interface – a guide to help them level up, develop their skills, and better understand the world around them.
Daniel’s is broken.
Nevertheless, this new reality has gifted Daniel with other strange, new powers – powers which could enable him to unite what other survivors they can find into a force capable of surviving in this cruel, new world.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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