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Blue Falls Series by Stella James (Book 2,3.5)
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Overview: I enjoy reading, yoga, beer and/or wine (the order changes, depending on my mood). I write in my limited spare time for your reading pleasure and also to silence the various characters that have taken up residence in my cute little head. I live in Canada and prefer dogs over cats.
Genre: Erotica


Worth the Risk Trace Meyers doesn’t do relationships. Never has and never will. All he wants is a good time and he has no problem walking away from a satisfied woman. And they are always satisfied. Until… fate places Sophie Burke in his path. Literally. She is young and beautiful and everything he thinks he doesn’t deserve. Too bad he can’t stop thinking about her.
Sophie Burke feels an instant connection with Trace the minute she lays eyes on him. She’s not fooled by the act he puts on for those around him. She may be inexperienced but she’s not stupid and she knows deep down he must feel it too.
She’s running out of patience and he’s running out of reasons to stay away. A chemistry like theirs could ignite a passion and need that neither of them have ever experienced before.
Are they willing to take the risk?

Wild Hanna Mitchell hopped on the first thing smoking out of Blue Falls the second she graduated high school. Overcome with the need to travel and sow her wild oats, she’s spent the better part of seven years living and working abroad. Enjoying new places and new experiences whenever it strikes her fancy. When her latest fun loving Irish boyfriend breaks things off, Hanna begins to realize just how restless she’s been feeling lately and suddenly she longs for home. Her sister Mona and her husband are heading out of town for a few weeks and need a house sitter. Perfect.
Brent Doyle has seen a long list of interesting things while on duty as a highway patrol officer for the Blue Falls Sheriff’s department but nothing could have prepared him for the day he pulls over a scantily clad Hanna. The girl he spent most of his childhood teasing mercilessly has grown up into a beautiful woman. One look at her and it becomes his personal mission to talk her out of her clothes and into his bed.
As it often happens, what begins as a simple arrangement soon becomes more than either party anticipated. Can Hanna learn to let go of the past and trust in herself? Is Brent willing to wait for the woman who has unexpectedly captured his heart?
Sam Elliot, a pair of handcuffs and at least one Tolkien reference help guide this unlikely couple toward their happily ever after.

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Worth the Risk
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