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Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management 1st Edition by Johanna Rothman, Esther Derby
Requirements: PDF Reader, 1.6 mb
Overview: Great management is difficult to see as it occurs. It’s possible to see the results of great management, but it’s not easy to see how managers achieve those results. Great management happens in one-on-one meetings and with other managers—all in private. It’s hard to learn management by example when you can’t see it.

You can learn to be a better manager—even a great manager—with this guide. You’ll follow along as Sam, a manager just brought on board, learns the ropes and deals with his new team over the course of his first eight weeks on the job. From scheduling and managing resources to helping team members grow and prosper, you’ll be there as Sam makes it happen.
Genre: Nonfiction > General, Business


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