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8 Books by Michelle Arnold
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Stay – Grace Walker doesn’t do relationships. She spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, she and her siblings looking after each other when their drug-addicted mother couldn’t. With such a dysfunctional family, Grace just doesn’t think she’s relationship material. She’d rather play the field and otherwise keep to herself. But then she runs into someone from her childhood: Eva Carrington, an orphaned heiress who did a brief stint in a children’s home alongside Grace. The two felt a strong connection as children, and now that they’re adults, it’s even stronger. But Grace sticks to her guns: she doesn’t do relationships, and she’s certain kind, intelligent Eva deserves better than her anyway. But then someone else from the past hurts Eva badly to get revenge on Grace for some perceived slight, and Eva ends up pregnant. When she makes the difficult decision to have the baby, Grace promises to be there for mother and child no matter what. But with this makeshift family on her hands, can Grace keep pretending she doesn’t love Eva?

Out of the Shadows: A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery: Book One – A woman who has been missing for three months is found dead with over 200 tally marks carved into her skin. For Detective Amy Sadler, who is still recovering mentally from a past undercover operation gone wrong, the case is as unsettling as it is frustrating. As more bodies appear with the same tally marks, Amy’s only solace from the seemingly unsolvable case is the romance blooming between herself and forensic pathologist Dr. Lira Ward, a beautiful soul with a past even she doesn’t understand.
But that solace is shattered when the case collides with their personal lives in a way no one sees coming, and Amy is left wondering if she can salvage what they once had.

Beloved Wife: A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery: Book Two – Homicide detective Amy Sadler and her new wife, forensic pathologist Lira Ward, are enjoying marital bliss when they are hit with a gruesome new case: someone is killing couples and families, with most of their rage directed at the wives. While trying to solve the case, Amy begins receiving threats from someone within the police department who doesn’t seem happy about her marriage to Lira. Amy finds herself desperately trying to uncover who is out to destroy her marriage – because she doesn’t want to find out how far they’re willing to go.

After Raya – Laramie is forced to start her life over when her best friend and sometimes lover cuts her off without warning. As she rebuilds, Laramie begins to understand that Raya has been abusing her for years, and that she is finally able to have a happy life with new friends and a new love. But then Raya decides she wants her back…

A World of Demons: A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery: Book Four – A body is discovered in the woods, tally marks carved into her skin…
Detective Amy Sadler has seen this before. Amy and her wife, forensic pathologist Lira Sadler, find themselves reliving their worst nightmares are more bodies turn up in imitation of cases they have already solved, cases that are particularly personal for them. At the same time, defaming articles appear about them online, and Lira begins finding strange notes.
All Amy and Lira want is to care for their small daughter, Ruby, and to bring a second child into the world, but all of that seems threatened by someone with a mysterious grudge.
It must be someone they know, but who could hate them this much?

With Child: A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery: Book Three – Homicide Detective Amy Sadler is overjoyed: her wife, forensic pathologist Lira Ward, is pregnant with their first child. Life couldn’t be better, although Amy soon finds that impending motherhood has made her a little more sensitive to cases involving children, such as the small girl found at the bottom of a pool.
An investigation into the child’s family and possibly not-so-accidental death leads Amy into the twisted world of an isolated country church with extreme ideas, a world of child abuse and subjugated women. Amy’s gut tells her there are sinister things happening beneath the church’s picture-perfect public image, but proving it is another matter.
Then a man shows up claiming to be Lira’s father, and everything Lira thought she knew about herself is turned on its head. Now as Amy struggles to prove her suspicions about the cult-like church before more children are hurt, she must also find a way to protect Lira from her own past.

The World The Way It Should Be: A Coming Out Story – After years of struggling with her sexuality, Chris finally comes out as gay when she starts college and meets the beautiful and mysterious Anaïs. Anaïs is just what the socially awkward Chris needs in her life: confident, adventurous, open, and loving. The only problem is that she already has a serious girlfriend.
Chris resigns herself to life in the friend zone, but a whirlwind trip with Anaïs proves there is a lot going on beneath Anaïs’s calm surface. An impulsive act leaves Chris bewildered as to what Anaïs’s true intentions are and feeling more alone than ever as she tries to understand why she loves Anaïs and what to do about it.

Haunting Lia: A short story – Edie is at the end of her rope when she decides to take her own life and start haunting her unrequited love, Lia. But life on the other side isn’t quite what she expects, and what she learns from the living makes Edie start to doubt her choice.

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