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3 Novels by Victor Bruno
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Overview: Victor Bruno is author of erotic novel.
Genre: Fiction, Erotica

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The Complete Diaries of a Young Lady
This is the diary of a young girl written in the 1930s, graphically detailing her harrowing experiences of punishment first at the hands of her stepfather and the local policeman. Her boss also tries to take advantage of her and she runs away, to begin life as a prostitute. From then there is only one way for poor Joan – down! She is arrested, charged with prostitution, theft and giving false evidence and finds herself in the terrible reform school. It can only get worse – and it does!

Madame Maxine
Madame Maxine is a terrifying, beautiful stern tutor whose word is absolute, whose rule is complete. John tries hard to reach the standards she sets, but often finds himself strapped down over her couch, bared cheeks awaiting the burning sting of her cane or strap. He is not alone is his terrible ordeals, for Paula, a young girl who also needs to reach Madame’s high standards, often finds herself down over the bench, equally bare! Out in the big wide world, John is unable to find a woman to equal his beloved Madame Maxine and, when he eventually meets up with her again in Paris, he finds himself totally unable to resist and is drawn back into the terrifyingly painful pleasure of her ownership and power!

Under Control
Paul Mansel is the personal slave of a beautiful and wealthy woman, Gloria Van Meer. For six months he has had to endure a wide variety of torments and humiliations at her hands. She has broken him completely and Paul had developed a kind of adoring idolisation of this lovely creature who has him in her power. In a way he has learnt to come to terms with his servitude and to accept it as only ‘right and natural’ that he should remain Gloria Van Meer’s slave for an indefinite period. They travel to America where a friend of Gloria’s, a Mrs Dupont, has established a slave-girl farm on a large, swamp-encircled island in the Deep South. It is Gloria’s intention to establish a similar farm nearby, but stocked with male slaves with Paul as a kind of ‘founder member’. Meanwhile he is to continue his servitude amidst the considerable collection of slave-girls owned by Mrs Dupont, being slowly transformed into a female!

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