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2 books by Clare Ashton
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Overview: I grew up in Wales and live in the midlands (UK) with my partner Jayne and our children Joe and Ellie. I am the author of After Mrs Hamilton (Golden Crown Literary Society Award winner) and Pennance and like to write fiction featuring strong female characters and more than its fair share of lesbians. I love to mix mystery, romance and darker elements too. I read a little more widely: classics, crime, suspense, women’s fiction and lesbian novels and the odd science fiction novel.
Genre: Romance > Lesban


After Mrs Hamilton
Golden Crown Literary Society Award winner – After Mrs. Hamilton – a twisting tale of sex, secrets, and obsession.
Clo is leading a loveless life as a high class escort for women. She’s always had a dream of the ideal partner, but after a bad experience with love when she was young, figures she is better off on her own. Right now, she’s supposed to be meeting her best friend. But tonight, Clo has to work.
It’s early evening and Mrs. Hamilton waits for an escort on the balcony of her London hotel suite. It’s cold, and she feels ice in her veins that has nothing to do with the chilly air. Too much pain, betrayal, and lost desire. What is she thinking, that the touch of a stranger will heal her broken past? But her appointment is with Clo, and the touch of this beautiful young woman lights torches Mrs. Hamilton didn’t know she carried. Clo doesn’t even feel like a stranger. She feels dangerously like someone Mrs. Hamilton wants to know.
But love, passion, and desire never seem to know the right time, or place. Neither do secrets, especially when everyone’s keeping them, as call girl Clo and her friends are about to find out. From London to Oxfordshire, the past collides with the present with repercussions no one could imagine or will ever forget.

Poppy Jenkins
Two old friends, one hot summer, a whole load of confusion.
Poppy Jenkins makes everyone smile. She’s the heart of Wells, a beautiful village in mid-Wales, leaving light and laughter in her wake. She has a doting family, an errant dog and a little sister with a nose for mischief. But she’s the only gay in the village and it’s a long time since she kissed a girl: the chance of romance in sleepy Wells is rarer than a barking sheep.
If she doesn’t think too hard, life is cosy, until a smart sports car barrels into town with the last woman Poppy wants to see behind the wheel. Beautiful Rosalyn Thorn was once Poppy’s high school BFF even though she was trouble. Then one day she abandoned Wells and Poppy without explanation. Now the highflier is back and bound to cause fresh havoc in the village and with Poppy’s heart; folk are not happy.
Wells needs to wake up to the 21st century and Rosalyn can help, but old prejudices die hard. If they can be friends it could be the chance to make everyone’s happy ever after. Couldn’t it?

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