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Treachery by Raymond Cooper (Celestial Empires Book 2)
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Overview: Gemma wants nothing more than to settle back down and get on with her life – a normal life – a life free of space travel and dangerous adventures. Soon, however, she learns that her exploits on Cromia have caught up with her.

Boygan, the man she’d double crossed way back out there among the stars, has worked up a ploy to lure her back out into space – and draw her into another web of intrigue, deceit, and murder.

Complicating matters, Gemma finds herself saddled with a mysterious man who is not who – or what – he says he is. A man who could be friend – or foe.

With her robotic companion by her side, Gemma finds herself in a race against time and caught in a trap that entails a deadly dilemma.
Genre: Science Fiction > Colonization


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