Download The Alchemist’s Children: Panacea by J.W. McVeigh (.ePUB)

The Alchemist’s Children: Panacea by J.W. McVeigh (TAC Book 1)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 587 kB
Overview: Fourteen-year-old Callen Thorne is a brilliant hacker that has been battling cancer for the last ten years. When his family’s mysterious legacy comes knocking, he and his sister, Ania, are pulled into a desperate quest to save their dying mother. Unknown to Callen, a cure also awaits him, buried deep, in a secret location surrounded by horrors that he could scarcely imagine. Even with the aid of their dwarven demon-hunting grandfather, magic, and advanced technology, the situation is bleak. With evil in every shadow, what will it cost the siblings to succeed and what occult secrets await them?
Genre: YA Fantasy


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