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Temptations of Christmas Future by Lexi Post (A Christmas Carol Book 3)
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Overview: He set out to prove the future was far worse than she imagined. Now he wished it wasn’t.

Thanks to his shock tactics and pessimistic attitude, Scottish spirit guide Malcolm MacLachlan’s job is on the line. What else did they expect from a former Glasgow Watchman? For his final assignment, he chooses his partner based on the probability of success, and Joy Collingwood is the very best. That he can prove to her the future isn’t all puppies and marshmallows is an added bonus.

Joy is thrilled to help Malcolm, but their different methods threaten the success of their collaboration. If they can’t find some common ground, they’ll fail. What she doesn’t expect is that their common ground will be her bed and her deepest secret will be revealed.

Yet her secrets are nothing compared to Malcolm’s and their revelation could jeopardize everything…including her heart.
Genre: Romance


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