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Patterned After Death by Elizabeth Lynn Casey (A Southern Sewing Circle #12)
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Overview: This story center around a rivalry that goes back some 20 years to high school football days of Jake Davis and Noah Madden. The residents are surprised when the two of the joined together and modernized Jake’s auto repair business, having aligned themselves with either Team Jake or Team Noah.

Tori is having car problems and Margaret Louise, a member of the Sewing Circle and Jake’s mother, convinces her to take it to Jake’s, as she is sure he would get right on it. As she is waiting for Jake to get from under another car, Tori notices that cars trunk isn’t shut and notices a hand sticking out. The hand is that of the lifeless body of Noah, lying in the trunk of his own car. Nearby Jake is a crowbar with Noah’s blood covering it. When somebody sends a copy of the agreement for the running of the business that spells out that in event of the death of either, the survivor will get the other half of the business, Jake soon finds himself arrested for murder.

Margaret Louise convinces Tori to put on her sleuthing cap and find out who had murdered Noah. Her investigation becomes difficult as the members of the Sewing Circle are divided between Jake’s guilt and innocence.
Genre: Cozy Mystery/Thriller


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