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Murder Must Be Witnessed by Tony Read
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Overview: When a gifted, popular extremely decent young man is shot dead in front of a large crowd of people attending a pageant, Detective Inspector Mark Hobson is confronted with the most difficult case he has ever had to solve; and when weeks later a beautiful and talented young woman suffers a similar fate, the pressure on him to catch a ruthless killer becomes intense.
All he knows for sure is that the murderer used an ancient British standard issue army rifle to carry out both crimes, and that he has deliberately decided to slaughter his victims before large crowds of onlookers.
As Hobson investigates further he becomes convinced that both murders have their roots in history, and that in a madman’s eyes the ‘perfect son’ and ‘perfect daughter’ have become blood sacrifices to make atonement for other peoples’ sins.
Yet, more deaths follow. Stories of rejection and revenge, rape and deception, and hypocrisy, the truth and the past all intermingle with each other before a solution to these terrible crimes is finally arrived at.
Genre: Mystery Thriller


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